Writing Tab Notation From The Start

Writing Tab Notation From The Start

Perhaps one of the most important things to do before you start typing up a piece of TAB is to decide exactly how much information to include in it. Much like anything in life the trick is to convey the right amount of information in a clear, easily readable form.

Questions to ask yourself :

  • Is the song played using mostly chords?
  • Are there a number of riffs which appear throughout the song?
  • Is there a clear verse/chorus/middle bit structure?

By planning ahead a little you should be able to produce a clearly structured TAB which will not only be easier for others to read, but also easier for you to type in.

There are also choices to be made when deciding what package to use when typing the TAB in. All you really need is a simple text editor (Notepad is on every PC / MAC), however a mouse-driven editor will probably make things easier.

When you start typing in it saves time if you draw out one blank stave and then make 8 or 10 copies of these before you start typing in the fret numbers etc.

If you use a more complicated package like Microsoft Word then make sure that the characters you use are all the same length.

If an 'm' character is wider than an 'i' character then your TAB is going to look very strange on another text editor. Choose a font where all charcters get the same width (Monospaced FONT) - Courier usually does the job.

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