Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you want just contact us.

If the track I want is not in your catalogue can you record it for me?

Yes we can. Tell us the Artist/Song and we will give you a price to record it for you - contact us first.

How much does it cost to post out?

Postage cost is completely free no matter how little or how much you order.

What are The Duties and Taxes?

You will be responsible for any duties or import taxes your country charges. We have no way to estimate this cost for your specific country.

What is the difference between a midi file and a pro backing track?

There is a huge difference. Midi files are available free of charge to download off the Internet. All you need is a midi file player or some sequencing software and a sound module or sound card with a GM sound font set and off you go. Unfortunately, you don't know how good the programming is - i.e whether the song is right or not and more importantly even if you have a really good sound card or module, then you still get midi guitars and midi ooh backing vocals both of which are really bad. Midi files are at best amateurish. To make sequenced music sound good and "real" takes years of experience and a complete knowledge of the software, which you are using. You then need specialist sound modules, compressors and enhancers, and an ability to play keyboards to a high standard. Finally you need to be able to play guitar and sing to a high standard. If you put all this together you get a good quality professional backing track. This all takes time and therefore the cost of a professionally crafted track is much higher than an off the shelf standard midi file.

I'm going to order some tracks from you, do they have lyric sheets?

We don't supply lyric sheets but you should be able to find what you want on

Do all your backing tracks have proper endings?

No our backing tracks are as close to original artists as possible and fade out where appropriate.

Are the keys of your songs recorded in the original key?

Yes, all tracks are in the original key. Individual tracks can be changed in a range of +2 to -2 from the original key. Compilations are sold in the original key only. Please ask if you would like a compilation changed by contacting us.

Are the finished tracks available in CDA format as opposed to mp3?

Yes, you can have the tracks sent to you on CD, in. WAV-uncompressed format, or in MP3 format. Just select the correct option in the drop-down box when you order. As we pride ourselves on quality, we would suggest that the tracks are recorded uncompressed onto an audio CD.

Can I copy or duplicate the tracks?

All backing tracks supplied by are subject to legal copyright restrictions and as such a licensing fee has been paid for each supplied track. This ensures that the relevant royalty fees are paid to the original artistes/producers. Restrictions include that recordings purchased from us must not be sold, hired, lent or duplicated without our expressed permission. We do however allow the purchaser to make a backup copy for their own personal use.


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