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Backing Tracks Blog

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5th May 2010

Wow - we've now just added nearly 50 popular musicals from very popular shows.

2nd November 2009

Added two great individual tracks; Cheryl Cole - Fight For this Love and Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys.

10th September 2009

We have loads more compilations for you now - seen as we haven't updated for a while.

25th June 2009

Michael Jackson died today - may he rest in peace. But his music lives on in his backing track compilation.

30th May 2009

Hollie Steel from Britain's Got Talent sings Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from the Phantom of the Opera - no tears this time!

1st May 2009

Added Annie Lennox backing tracks and Jimmy Buffet - enjoy. Get the I dreamed a Dream backing track from the musical Les Miserable as sung by Susan Boyle on the hit TV show Britain's Got Talent.

11th March 2009

Updated Take That compilation - added 2 more tracks so now even better value for your money during this credit crunch. Also added Dwight Yoakam backing tracks.

3rd March 2009

Added Oasis compilation.

18th January

Oliver the musical has opened at Drury Lane with Rowan Atkinson as Fagin and Jodie Prenger as Nancy, so if you can't get tickets why not grab your self the Oliver backing tracks yourself.

16th December

Added even more compilations - Andy Williams, Bellamy Brothers, BillieHoliday, Billy Ray Cyrus, Motown, Motown 2, Rock and Will Young backing tracks.

13th December

Added 2 more compilations - the 50's and American Folk backing tracks.

8th December

Added some more great compilations: Three great decades in music - 60's, 70's and 80's. Plus some more great artists - the beautiful voice of Leona Lewis, the classic Roy Orbison, and the anarchic but hugely talented Amy Winehouse.

29th November

Added George Michael backing tracks compilation. Updated the Take That compilation.

4th November

Added Girls Aloud compilation.

Also added 4 great backing tracks - Girls aloud - The Promise, Kate Perry - I Kissed A Girl, Pink - So what and Sugababes - Girls. Enjoy!

11th September

Added Avril Lavigne - when you're gone.

15th July 2008

We've reduced the price of all our individual backing tracks to only £3.95 - we're not sure how long we are going to keep this price this low - so grab a bargain while you can. Also added Duffy backing tracks.

14th July 2008

We've reduced the price of backing track compilations from £9.99 to £8.99.

18th June 2008

We've added to our Neil Diamond backing tracks compilation so you get a little more for your money.

3rd June 2008

Added Temptations backing track compilation.

15th May 2008

Added America backing track compilation.

19th April 2008

Added Aretha Franklin backing track compilation.

7th April 2008

Added the Four seasons backing track compilation.

26th March 2008

Added Huey Lewis and the News backing track compilation.

14th March 2008

Added Keith Urban backing track compilation.

3rd March 2008

Added Linda Ronstadt backing track compilation.

26th February 2008

Added Mary J Blige backing track compilation, also added Nickelback backing track compilation.

19th February 2008

Added Brandy backing tracks, also added Carrie Underwood backing tracks.

12th December 2008

Added Bob Dylan backing track compilation, also added The Doobie Brothers backing tracks compilation.

21st October 2007

Added George Michael backing tracks.

3rd September 2007

Arguably the greatest singer songwriter - Bob Dylan backing tracks just for you!

2nd September 2007

Added Phil Collins backing tracks as well as updated the Christmas backing tracks volume 2.

9th August 2007

We've updated the Michael Buble backing tracks now - adding an extra 5 tracks for free!

1st August 2007

We've updated our Crystal Gayle backing tracks compilation - you now get even greater value for money with these added tracks. More importantly we've spiced up your life by adding the spice girls backing tracks compilation - and while we were at it we've also added Jim Reeves, Travis Tritt and Billy Joel backing tracks.


New payments available - as well as paypal, cheques, postal orders and cash!

We are now using Google Checkout - so if you'd like to use google checkout e-mail in your order and we'll invoice you via e-mail.

10th July 2007

We've added Status Quo backing tracks and also Meatloaf backing tracks - Enjoy!

29th June 2007

Added loads more compilations today - Beach Boys, Christina Aguilera, George Strait, Gloria Estefan, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, Marvin Gaye, Norah Jones, Rod Stewart Jazz, and Trisha Yearwood.

25th June 2007

Added three more compilations - Billy Dean, Carole King and Nat King Cole.

22nd June 2007

Added Saturday Night Fever and Dirty Dancing compilations.

20th June 2007

6 more compilations added to save you even more money - Bryan Adams, Dolly Parton, Tanya Tucker, Lee Ann Womack, Lonestar, Stevie Wonder.

14 June 2007

We noticed a silly mistake on our Bon Jovi compilation - we left off Living on a Prayer backing track!

If you like your country music backing tracks then we have a great treat for you with these country duets.

13 June 2007

Updated website - hope you all like it.

08 June 2007

We've now added the God of the guitar! - Eric Clapton backing tracks.

02 June 2007

We're bad for not adding the michael jackson compilation until now!

22nd May 2007

Added the great David Bowie compilation.

8th May 2007

22 tracks from Celine Dion - an incredible saving!

24th April 2007

Added 3 Mike & The Mechanics songs to the Genesis backing tracks for FREE!

19th April 2007

Genesis are about to reform if they haven't already - go and see them in concert - it'll be a great show - in the meantime save some money on some Genesis backing tracks, Phil Collins backing tracks and the man himself Peter Gabriel backing tracks.

2nd April 2007

If you like your country music backing tracks then we have some special treats for you - lots of country compilations - today we've added Alan Jackson, Anne Murray, Conway Twitty, Crystal Gayle, Glen Campbell, John Denver, Leeann Rimes, Martina McBride, Patsy Cline, Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow, and finally but not least Willie Nelson - we're sure you'll enjoy the immense savings.

27th March 2007

We've added three more grat backing track compilations to save your hard earned money - Brenda Lee, Dionne Warwick and Randy Travis.

25th March 2007

We've now added some soul with Diana Ross and The supremes backing track compilation and some country with Faith Hill backing tracks.

14th March 2007

How deep is your love for the Bee Gees backing tracks?

Updated the Take That compilation - an extra 2 tracks for free.

19th February 2007

We've added some old time music and also added a few to our medleys section - these are very popular tunes which will get the whole venue singing along.

10th February 2007

Barry Manilow backing tracks - one of the greatest singer / songwriters ever!

23rd January 2007

The names Bond, James Bond - how would you like some James Bond backing tracks ?

20th January 2007

Updated Whitney Houston compilation - 2 more tracks for FREE.

2nd January 2007

Happy New Year - we're keeping the spirit going and continuing with our free posting until the end of January!

21st December 2006

Congratulations to Leona Lewis the first female to win the X-Factor! You can now grab her backing track A moment like this.

20th December 2006

We can't believe it! We didn't have a Beatles compilation! What we're we thinking! The situation has been rectified and you can enjoy our Beatles backing tracks for only £8.99 for 20 tracks - bargain!

12th December 2006

Updated our database - we are now listing over 6000 backing tracks.

6th December 2006

Updated the Chritmas compilations 1 and 2 and also added 4 more tracks to the Frank sinatra backing tracks compilation so you get even more value for money.

2nd December 2006

Free delivery on all our backing for December only - this is our christmas present to you. Also updated the swing backing tracks.

19th November 2006

Another classic set of songs from Fleetwood Mac.

12th November 2006

Wow! - we couldn't believe we didn't have a rolling stones backing track compilation - we do now!

9th November 2006

Alanis Morissette backing tracks - save big time.

6th November 2006

Do you like to Rock? - Well now you can with this Aerosmith backing track compilation.

5th November 2006

How did we leave this out for so long - Dusty Springfield backing track compilation.

23rd October 2006

Added the very popular country singer Garth Brooks backing tracks in a compilation format - yee-haw!

12th October 2006

Christmas is coming round again - now is the time to start practiSING your christmas songs - we have two christmas compilations for you.

19th September 2006

Added Dirty Dancing medley to the medleys section.

21st August 2006

If you're a fan of Dean martin we have exactly what you want with 20 Dean Martin backing tracks saving you oodles!

14th July 2006

Added Englebert Humperdinck backing tracks compilation..

5th June 2006

The world cup is nearly upon us - we've selected a few classic and not so classic world cup songs.

19th May 2006

Updated the Elton John compilation.

10th May 2006

As the world cup is coming soon - we thought we'd add the classic world cup song by baddiel and skinner - three lions - we've also discounted the price - come on England!

Updated the swing compilation - added Robbie Williams class Mister Bojangles!.

8th May 2006

Michael Buble jazz fans! - we have the perfect Michael Buble compilation for you!

5th May 2006

Following on Take That's sell out tour we've put together a Take That compilation which we think you'll enjoy.

25th April 2006

Four more compilations added today - Want a James Taylor compilation, Johnny Cash compilation, Kenny Rogers compilation, or how about a Lionel Richie compilation - look no further!

24th April 2006

Not posted for a long time - anyway how do you fancy a Kelly Clarkson compilation?

17th November 2005

Added the final part of our Tab notation course - Things to avoid when tabbing.

14th November 2005

Christmas is nearly upon us! We've added two Christmas compilations (Christmas Volume 1 and Christmas Volume 2) - now so you can get learning the words - as if you need to!

31st October 2005

Added Things to do when tabbing to the Tabbing Notation course. Also added a country music compilation.

23rd October 2005

Added an Elvis Medley.

17th October 2005

Added the following compilations - Billy Fury, Cher, Kylie Minogue, Ricky Nelson, Spandau Ballet, Steps, U2 and Westlife.

15th October 2005

Added The Jam and The Who to the compilations section.

14th October 2005

Added Elton John, Mariah Carey and The Drifters to the compilations.

12th October 2005

Now FREE delivery on all orders over £15 - reduced from £25!

Continuing the tab notation course - should you use tab? Also added 5 more compilations - Beautiful South, Barbra Streisand, Bon Jovi, Boyzone, Britney Spears, Madonna and Whitney Houston! Enjoy the massive discounts you can have with our backing track compilations.

2nd October

Major web update - added nearly 1500 songs to the database - now nearly 5000 songs available online. We have also added suggest a track. We've added two more tracks to the Simon & Garfunkel compilation - there are now 20 tracks in total making it great value for money at only £8.99. We can also highly recommend the following products....Singorama is a MUSY BUY!

27th September 2005

Writing Tab from the start - also added Rod Stewart compilation - actually added it last week - but forgot to mention it here!

19th September 2005

Added part on Note length to our Tab Notation Course. Added Dixie Chicks compilation.

29th August 2005

Added Eva Cassidy backing tracks compilation - only £10.99 for 22 backing tracks - save nearly 90%!

27th August

Added part on slides to tab notation course.

20th August

Added our 4th and 5th parts to our tab notation course.

7th July 2005

We've reduced our postage costs - If the total order is under £25 - it now only costs £2 to post out!

24th June 2005

First part of our series on tabular notation.

14th June 2005

Added more backing track compilations - you can save nearly 90% on most backing tracks by buying a music compilation.

15th May 2005

Updated site - we hope you like it!


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